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Nusa Penida Bungalow

Adventurous Bungalow On The Hills with Sea View

Feel the refreshing scent of morning ray from the sunrise, makes ready to begin your adventure in Nusa Penida. The coffee and delicious breakfast also ready to enjoy, before you going to your adventurous experience. You will stay in wooden bungalow with 180º view of the hills and sea. It combine with minimalist modern design and cozy spacious bedroom. Indulge all of your senses with the peaceful ambience and feel like home!


This bungalow have comfortable double bed and surrounded by wooden accents. Your bedroom is also equipped with Flat-screen TV, Air Conditioner, spacious private bathroom with clean towel. Warm sunshine will welcome you, right when you open the door. Free WiFi access is also available to support your comfort during your stay.

Feel walking the footpath around the property while enjoying the warm atmosphere of the morning and the sound of chickens crowing, because the garden area is also yours.

After walking leisurely, enjoy a free breakfast with Asian cuisine that included while you stay here.

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