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Broken Beach Nusa Penida Bali

Broken Beach Nusa Penida Bali

“The Legend of the People About Pasih Uwug is Broken Beach”

According to legend or a short folktale about the formation of a pasih uwug, it originated from one of the families living right above the gaping huge hole.

Around the land of uwug is inhabited by a number of farming families, where they live scattered, besides those who live on land that used to be in the edge of a cliff even across the cliff, which is precisely on the opposite rock, said to have been a land with the position of the big hole right now.

The beginning of the story of the occurrence of pasih uwug originated from Pak Tani who wanted to plant corn. Planting corn in Nusa Penida generally uses tools in the form of sharp-edged wood to make small holes in the land where corn will be planted.

When Mr. Farmer made the tool (storage) of wood that had been obtained from the forest around the surface of the uwug, it was then taped using a machete under a large tree and laying on the root of the tree.

But the strange thing that happened when Pak Tani’s machete hit the root of the tree, the root of the tree that was hit by a machete Mr. Farmer was injured and bleeding.

With the blood coming out of the roots of the tree, it made Mr. Farmer even more curious to know while telling his neighbors and friends.

Come together, people who live around the place where the blood is bleeding. And without thinking about the roots of the tree are cut into pieces and then distributed to all residents pasih uwug to be cooked and eaten.

After nightfall, it happened that night before the full moon, most of the residents of Pasih gathered in the house of Pak Tani who found the bloody root while telling how delicious the root of the wood was bleeding.

Not long after that came an old man who was old and shabby who was unknown to anyone who was around the money market. Pak Tua immediately gave advice to all those in the courtyard of the farmer’s house, so that in the future, don’t do anything like this afternoon carelessly cutting and dividing beef belonging to other people.

Some of the residents who were present in a loud voice shouted at Old Man and did not accept his advice which also indirectly said that residents stole cows. Thus to test the truth of the residents that he did not steal cattle as alleged by the Old Man, the Old Man then took out a coconut leaf stick and immediately planted it on the ground, after the stick was stuck on the ground, the Old Man said, “Hi people here, whoever is able to pull out this stick and this stick can be removed by it, it indicates that the people here are honest and don’t really steal my sap “.

After the old man finished saying so, fighting over each other the people present wanted to pull out the stick, so that no one was able to pull out the stick. Because no one is able to pull out then the old man said again.

“Well, because you are unable to uproot my lid, that means you are not honest with yourself anymore and see now I will pull out this stick.

The old man immediately pulled out the stick he plugged in on the ground, after the stick was pulled out very quickly the water from the sticky soil was stuck, the water came out at an unthinkable speed, the sea water flared hard on the west side so that it destroyed much of the land and houses that existed. even large holes arise very quickly so that the house in the vicinity of the stick is lost immediately as if swallowed by the earth.

Old Man disappeared without a trace, the people around him were also lost in the water and the waves of sea water turmoil.

Such is a bit of folklore circulating in the western part of Nusa Penida, so that the place was named Pasih Uwug or broken beach, as evidence that this place was once inhabited by inhabitants, in large coral chunks on the west side of the large hole pas uwug several years ago around 1982 to 1985 the author saw above the large rock lump still standing a house pillar (jineng) which is a house that is always placed in the middle of the yard as a place to store the harvest.

But lastly the author came to the post of the house’s uwug pole which had disappeared, perhaps because it was eaten by age or maybe because of human activity

Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Panorama Broken Beach

It’s a huge caldera in land has an amazing view of a cliff and Hindian Ocean This place will pemper your eyes with its beatifull panorama.

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